perfunctory [pər fuŋk′tə rē]
[LL perfunctorius < L perfunctus, pp. of perfungi, to get rid of, discharge < per-, intens. + fungi, to perform: see FUNCTION]
1. done without care or interest or merely as a form or routine; superficial [a perfunctory examination]
2. without concern or solicitude; indifferent [a perfunctory teacher]

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  • Perfunctory — Per*func to*ry, a. [L. perfunctorius, fr. perfunctus dispatched, p. p. of perfungi to discharge, dispatch; per (see {Per}) + fungi to perform. See {Function}.] 1. Done merely to get rid of a duty; performed mechanically and as a thing of rote;… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • perfunctory — I adjective absent minded, abstracted, apathetic, below par, careless, casual, cursory, deficient, disinterested, dispassionate, disregardful, failing, formal, halfhearted, hasty, heedless, hollow, hurried, ill done, imperfect, inadequate,… …   Law dictionary

  • perfunctory — 1580s, from L.L. perfunctorius careless, negligent, lit. like one who wishes to get through a thing, from L. perfungus, pp. of perfungi discharge, get through, from per through + fungi perform (see FUNCTION (Cf. function)) …   Etymology dictionary

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